Thursday, August 03, 2006

Upper Playground debut in Portland

Upper Playground debut in Portland, originally uploaded by 7teen.

featuring good friend thesis and a ton of other highly recommended artists including fish, choe, baglione, phil frost, ricky powell, OK OK this is stupid i am just gonna list em all. check this shit out if you can and if you do let me see pics.

Pics from the Show at Le - Juxtapoz

Pics from the Show at Le - Juxtapoz, originally uploaded by 7teen.

a couple of pics from the show at Le Gallery are up on Juxtapoz s site for your viewing. Thanks to all who came out, i had a ton of fun. Here is where you can see them

mark brodie - the poloraid kid

mark brodie - the poloraid kid, originally uploaded by 7teen. - These photos are excelent. I am not usually known for posting photographers but these are to good to ignore.