Thursday, June 30, 2005

That "Other" Guy

finallyyyyy, originally uploaded by 7teen .

Other is a fantastic artistic talent that hails from the cold north eastern province of quebec and via the city that is also home of the habs (NHL Reference for all the sports illiterate). I will be showing with Other here in detroit in August for a split show titled "From Four o One". The line up also includes Thesis and Labrona (I will be giving them a bit of the spot light in the next couple of weeks working up to the show). Other has been published in several books and magizines and has shown from Vancouver to Amsterdam to Tokyo and beyond. Please check out his stuff up on Flickr .

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hemp Jeans

Hemp Jeans, originally uploaded by 7teen .

Almost all jeans are made of cotton today, because, at the time the cotton gin was invented, nobody had the technology to process the tough fibers of hemp into a soft fabric. Hemp grews better than cotton in poorer soil conditions, and didn't require pesticides, so the idea of using hemp was disgarded back then.
Now we have the technology to process hemp into a soft but tough material, making it the optimal fiber for jean production. There's no reason why all jeans shouldn't be made of hemp.(above paragraphs mostly plagerized from Any how Ipath is a company I tend to like to support. Not only are you supporting a company that seems to think about the enviroment, but also supporting skate culture and also artists. I think bigfoot is Like co-owner of the company or something like that.


Jeff-Ladougeur, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Jeff Ladougeur is a self taught artist based out of Vancouver that does predominately drawings with delicate line work. I first came accross his work when I purchased his book Ebola when i was in Montreal a couple of years ago. His characters seem to be influenced by the early cartooning masters with a bit more of a surrealist composition and story. You can see his work here here here and here

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Phil Frost

frost, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Phil Frost - New works at BLK/MRKT Gallery opening July 16th. West Coast Solo Debut

Nicholas di Genova

nick, originally uploaded by 7teen.

I have had the fortunate experience of meeting Nick last summer at his solo show at Le Gallery titled At the Waters Edge. His Stuff is really on target in playing with the idea of our current enviroments effects on future living beings and adapting to future conditions. here is a quote about nick and his work from
" Born and raised in small town Belleville Ontario, Nicholas di Genova moved to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design at age 19. Although he enjoys incorporating lots of different materials into his work, the theme of adaptation is consistent through all of it. The characters he creates are highly specialized creatures that have evolved over a long period of time to fit perfectly within their habitat. Land mammals with umbrellas growing out of their backs, rodents that have taken on the guise of mushrooms for camouflage, giants with rock-hard skin; this is the wildlife that he sketches, much more entertaining than elk and owls. Although these creatures are perfectly suited to survival in their particular habitats, they are still vunerable. Change the habitats that they have adapted to and they will die."

Japan Abandoned

coaster, originally uploaded by 7teen.

These photos are amazing. Simple enough. There are loads and loads of just beautiful photos of abandoned locations in japan, mostly factories and old schools but several amusement parks as well. Set a side a good amount of time to go through these. Its all in japanese so its a lil tricky at first to navigate through but well worth the time to figure it out. Check it out here

Good Times

goodtimes, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Did a live painting gig for an after party for the FUSE IN Detroit electronic music festival. Pretty long nite and was exhausted at the start but had a lot of fun and the sun rise on the way out was something that i ll always cherish. It was insanley beautiful. well want to thank for asking me to participate in the all nite extravaganza and also for the artist profile they did for me back in february. You can check it out under there arts section.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Loretta Lux

llorettalux, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Her photos are eriee and beautiful at the same time. much like when you look at a industrial wasteland or and abandoned building and find it beautiful. I love her photos. Loretta Lux


Leendert-Masselink, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Lenndert Masselinks linework is extremely nice. Does illustration out of the netherlands. check it out. Leendert

Tavis Coburn

Tavis Coburn, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Tavis Coburn. Great Retro illustration style but with present day subject and composition. check out his sweet lil flash site at Tavis Coburn

Big Willie

willie, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Willie Nelson Radness. Willie is not only gonna rock unkle jesse's character in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie (maybe) but he is also making an effort to make the trucking industry to go green. Props to the Real King of Pop Music. check out Wille Nelson Biodiesel and don t forget to turn it up.