Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Ewwwwww. In Response to Ewwww.

this is a comment that was left under a post i made about cattle in our country and felt it should be brought to the surface. enjoy or be disgusted either way make sure that the steak in your tummy doesn t make you apathetic.

The CDC estimates 76 million a year get sick from food. 325,000 are hospitalized and about 5,000 die.

FDA data shows you are three times more likely to eat dangerous pesticide residues on imported foods.

In imported foods the FDA has found illegal pesticides, parasites, diseases, unknown and unapproved drugs, and unsafe color additives,,,, Vibrio, caused by seafood, increased 78% in last 10 years.

Texas A&M University, using USDA data, reports: A monetary trade surplus was created by EXPORTING USA HIGH QUALITY beef products and IMPORTING LOW QUALITY beef products.

The USDA has decrease the inspection of imported food from 8.0% to 0.6% WHILE IMPORTS HAVE DOUBLED SINCE THE MID NINETIES.

“At Hallmark/Westland:....the report shows USDA inspections were NEVER DONE UNANNOUNCED and plant managers told staff to refrain from inhumane handling practices when the inspectors were present.

U.S. Department of Agriculture plant protection and quarantine officers have been indicted on charges that they allowed infested agricultural products into the U.S. from Mexico.

The USDA has spent over $33 million each year for years 2006 and 2007in funding NAIS.

NAIS is the red herring promoted by World wide corporations and the World Trade Organization (WTO). NAIS is supposed to calm the publics fears about food safety.

NAIS requires farmers to register farms and tag animals. Property would become Premises and livestock part of the “National Herd”. Farmers become “stakeholders” or trustees and no longer would have any property rights. NAIS will violate several Constitutional Rights.

80% of America's food animals are owned by a few hundred big businesses. NAIS as written would not affect them since individual tagging of animals is not required for large herds. Only the over 2 million small farmers and horse owners must tag each animal, eliminating animal ownership by any but BIG business, RESULT: high priced factory farm food.

Treaties & the World Trade Organization: Measures to trace animals...to provide assurances on...safety ..have been incorporated into international standards... The Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures...Aims to ensure that governments do not use QUARANTINE AND FOOD SAFETY REQUIREMENTS as Unjustified trade barriers... It provides Member countries with a right to implement traceability{NAIS} as an SPS measure.

What can YOU do? WRITE YOUR STATE & FEDERAL OFFICIALS at www.congress.org
STOP NAIS, STOP WTO dictating American law, NULLIFY harmful treaties
A treaty can be nullified by a statute passed by the U.S. Congress or by a sovereign State , when the State deems the performance of a treaty is self-destructive.
"This [Supreme] Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty." - Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S.
INTERNET SITES: NAISinfocentral.net or NoNAIS.org