Monday, September 10, 2007

One Day to LA and new Prints available.

Pelicans Past, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Well that time has come to pack my bags after a week of packing flurry and last minute mayhem. Not to mention a trek across the great white north to the other side of Lake Erie for a beautiful wedding at the Knox estate (Founder of the Albright Knox) for a very good friend and coincidentally my cousin and his wife Amber, some highly emotional grandma visitations, and an installation at the University of Michigan down in Ann Arbor including the opening. Now its back to the daily grind at the motors of general for about 6 more hours including a trip for my habitual monday burrito then finish packing personal wardrobe and supplies needed for this second week of travel, visitation and most importantly aesthetic happiness that some refer to as art.

Also wanted to give you a lil peek at what i will be bringing that will be available to the masses for consumption and making the walls more lively in whatever venue they choose be it offices, homes or fornification dens. Both colorways or of the limited kind one being more exclusive then the other. The thoery on this is heavily dependent on color and global warmings effects. Its pretty simple the warmer the rarer. Well i ll stop the babble and hopefully see the hordes of beautiful people that populate the left coast at the opening. DH IV

Studio + Lab, Universtiy of Michigan, Ann Arbor

opening fri sept 7, 2007
some photos can be seen @

A ton of awesome artists and art.
Also curated by
Matt Shlian and
Max Stien
any body else find the humor in that.
I have an installation in the show and is a departure from the paintings. Something i ve been working on for about a year.