Monday, August 29, 2005

The Future of Food

The Future of Food, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Back on the environmental tip. I went down to Ann Arbor last night to see the documentary "The Future of Food" produced by Deborah Koons Garcia and Lily Films. Deborah Koons Garcia is non other then the late Jerry Garcia s better half. I have never been a fan of the dead but still interesting to see a lecture and a movie done by his wife. Any how back to the movie, this is a must see for everyone that plans on living for awhile and wants future generations to live on. There has been a major shift in the world that not many people are aware of and should be aware of. Back in 1992 there was a major court decision that basically gave up the right to life to a corporation named Monsanto (and a few others but to a much lesser degree). Anyways watch the trailer and please try to see a screening of this, I feel that this is MAJOR issue (much larger then the war in Iraq, gay marriages, and the death tax. Oh I forgot to mention the SOME HIGH UP GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS ARE ALSO MONSANTO EMPLOYEES AND BOARD MEMBERS.) Also be sure to check out the links on s site.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Thesis - overdue i know

Thesis - overdue i know, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Thesis - I know i said i was going to feature him back a few weeks ago. i didn t. the show that we were putting together took priorty. but seeing we are doing the last look party tonite i figured it would be a good time as any to feature good friend and fantastic art and music sensation. Thesis has been writing an offbeat graffiti style since back in the early 90s. His work has been displayed and thrown up all over the world and even has a documentary on his work. he currently resides in a medium sized city in ontario canada. If you hear he is going to be in your nieghborhood due go and check out his work. highly sophisticated and yet raw and urban.

Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe, originally uploaded by 7teen.

His work first appeared to me on a wall in one of my friends appartments after his travels to LA and a giant robot show where brendan had some work on display. A beautiful multilayered screen print on board of some owls. since that moment i have made sure to check his site every week to see new work if available. he shares my love for water settings and natural themes. he is currently in the new art prostitute issue with a great interview. check his work out here..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Scott "Rad" Radke

Scott Radke, originally uploaded by 7teen .

Suggestion of Mr. Kyle Stone (a great local illustrator and friend)after seeing me post up some Chris Sickels. Scott Radke does some sweet marienette sculptures (a lill on the dark side for me but sweet non the less). don't check it out (trying some reverse psychology)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dietary Suppliment

Dietary Suppliment, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Here is a painting that is being shipped off to Seattle for the castle me in show. also as a side note one last plug for the "from Four Zero One" show at pr1mary space. The show closes this saturday but friday nite (aug 26th)from 7-10 pm we will be having a "last look" celebration at the gallery. Its a BYOB event but there will be some snacks and DJ Redbeard cutting up some tracks. should be a fun lil farewell to the the wall of thesis other and myself. if your in the area hope you can make it.... for directions check out

"Castle Me In" sept 3rd 7-11pm

"Castle Me In" sept 3rd 7-11pm, originally uploaded by 7teen.

September 3rd thru October 31st. A group show at Halo Salon in Seattle that features the likes of Le Merde, Charles Whiteside, John Black, Shawn Wolfe, Jessica Barnes, Robert Hardgrave, Christian Peetz, Matt Rodriguez, Friendettes, Arbito Snaggs and last but not least myself -7teen-. If your in or around seattle swing by and check it out. I ve been told that it is going to be a good show. for more info

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sage Vaughn

Sage Vaughn, originally uploaded by 7teen.

This artist is a new favorite of mine. He paints birds and flowers. can t ask for more than that. His work has been featured next to Ed Ruscha Tobias Keene and Mark Mothersbaugh. He currently resides in silverlake ca. check out his work on his website at

New Leaf Clothing

New Leaf Clothing, originally uploaded by 7teen.

New Leaf is an artist run clothing company that makes limited run shirts that are life inspired. Made from non sweatshop t shirts and other recycled clothing. The theme of thier philosophy is to spread the word of respect for mother earth. check out there site here

Friday, August 19, 2005

Jason Thielke

Jason Thielke, originally uploaded by 7teen .

I love trucks. I love Jason Thielke's drawings and paintings of trucks more. He also does other sweet drawings of things like boomboxes and heavy duty equipment. It seems to me that he likes to draw lines, so he s definetly ok in my book.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki, originally uploaded by 7teen.

I dig this chicks work a lot. very good use of color and keeps it simple and clean. Does as far as i can tell all female figures and usually from bust up. I came accross her work on 1988 gallery's upcoming show list. She is doing a split show with lisa alisa (also one of my favorites). well anyhow check out her work its quite nice and i doubt you will dislike.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Full Frontal - from Four Zero One

full frontal shot, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Ok Ok. Photos from Four Zero One. Finally got them on my computer and uploaded to flickr. There is a bunch from the installation. We had a great time doing this. Many thanks to Jamie and Carrie from Primary Space. for all the support and kindness. There will be a closing byob party at the gallery on Friday the 26th.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Tra Selhtrow

Tra Seltrow, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Tra Selhtrow is a seattle resident that illustrates. Birds seem to be a great big part of his vocabulary and therefore i am a fan. be sure to check his stuff out. and for anyone waiting for more photos of the from 401 show i ll get on it soon. i hope to be taking the copy shots tonite or tomarrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chris - Sick as hell - Sickels

Chris - Sick as hell - Sickels, originally uploaded by 7teen.

One of my alltime favorites. This guy just keeps blowing my mind each time he does an illustration. He makes and uses lil figurines in lil sets that he lays out and sets up then uses his crazy photo skills and shoots his illustration. Time, labor and process intensive, It just amazes me how talented and hard working this guy is. He has a wonderful interview in how magizine (one of his main clients). Its a couple issues old now but if you can find a copy its worth the read. Check out more of his tight lil diaramas at its definetly a treat.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bo130, TLP and Microbo hit Belgium

Bo130, TLP and Microbo hit Belgium, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Here is a Photo from the "What a Wonderful Life" featuring the work of Bo130, TLP and Microbo. The show already happened during the months of may and june but looks like it was a phenomenal show. This group is essentially the group of people that got me painting again. I went to Italy over 2.5 years ago and seen all there works all over the streets, especially Bo130s and also another crew robot inc. When i got back to the states i was really inspired and got back into painting myself. This show took place at what looks like to be an amazing space/store. Alice gallery/store in Brussels belgium. You can see more photos from the show on their website. They also are going to be showcasing another one of my favorites from Bristol, Duncan Jago aka MR Jago as well as Will Barras and Steff Plaetz.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

from Four Zero One - pic

from Four Zero One, originally uploaded by 7teen.

here is the installation as the work progresses nearing the end. If you would like to see some details before i go and get some good pics of it go to and look through his photos from the trip out to detroit. For gallery information contact Primary Space at

Monday, August 08, 2005

Others Blind - "from Four Zero One"

blind, originally uploaded by 7teen .

Here is a piece from the "from the Four Zero One" show that happened this past weekend. It was a great time and if you didn t get a chance to make it and your in the area i advise to make the effort to get there and check it out. Thesis and Other came into town and together we did a full on installation in three hard pact days. there will be more photos to come. check out for more info.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bask - in some sunshine or thought crimes

Here s to my man Bask down in the land of the jeb bush. His stuff is super tight and very fun. I love this piece. I dont know if its the colors or the message or what but i want it. Any how Bask spent some time up here in Detroit and had a couple of solo shows in the area and has always done well here. Be sure to stop by his site and check out his politically and social commentaries via brush, can, and a ton of woodworking tools.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Gooooooo Antlers - 7teen Site Update

It's been a long time, i know i hear it from everyone, "when are you going to update your site". Well its official is updated. New catagories under the gallery section include Paintings 05, (imagine that, paintings from this year)and a new pencil section where i ll share several of my skecthes out of my sketch book or on scraps of paper that i always draw on. Also some images under print and some new links on the link pages. There is also a Blog button that brings you straight back to here ( ) for latest inspirations and news. Also After the show this weekend at Pr1mary Space(split show with other, labrona, and thesis) I'll put some new tunes on the sites lil radio and also through some more images and features at it. Special Thanks to Dave at untitled design for putting it together last minute.

Ghosttown Sounds

Ghosttown Sounds, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Here is the flier for a show that i am going to be in out in East Hampton MA. If you go to and look under his blog section there is links to almost everyone on this list. Should be a good show and i wish aaron and nicole from now here fast good luck with their store. Also a big thank you to Mike aka Lost out there in Mass.