Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Veggie-Mog, originally uploaded by 7teen.

Bio Diesel + Unimog = the coolest thing ever. I ve been waiting for my lil fourbangin chevy prizm to eventually die to try to get a bio diesel vehicle. Meanwhile when i was out in seattle i saw a unimog and fell in love with them again, its been a long time since i have come accross one. Today i was reading up on bio diesel conversions for an 82 chevy chevette and made the connection that there are diesel unimogs. So that means that it is possible to do a Biodiesel unimog. The most enviromentally friendly land crusher (even though i like to be as enviromentally friendly as possible i have a HUGE guilty pleasure for off roading and 4x4ing. I dont 4x4 right now but would love to be). Anyways here are a couple of good websites to check out regarding biodiesel.

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