Thursday, August 11, 2005

Chris - Sick as hell - Sickels

Chris - Sick as hell - Sickels, originally uploaded by 7teen.

One of my alltime favorites. This guy just keeps blowing my mind each time he does an illustration. He makes and uses lil figurines in lil sets that he lays out and sets up then uses his crazy photo skills and shoots his illustration. Time, labor and process intensive, It just amazes me how talented and hard working this guy is. He has a wonderful interview in how magizine (one of his main clients). Its a couple issues old now but if you can find a copy its worth the read. Check out more of his tight lil diaramas at its definetly a treat.

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masonsamson said...

Yeah, I dig the work that comes out of red nose studio!'s so unique.

if your interested in the "puppet" sculptures. check this out,

scott does some pretty intense work.