Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kris Knight

Kris Knight, originally uploaded by 7teen.

When i was up in toronto just prior to the New Year i stayed at this hotel called the gladstone which was a sweet lil hotel that all the rooms were designed by a different artist and the halls doubled as a gallery. Any ways accross the hall from our room was this painting by Kris Knight. I absolutely loved this painting. Couldnt quite nail down what i loved about it besides the fact that it seemed familiar to life as i knew it. Go and check Kris Knights work lots of cool stuff. I also ran accross his flickr account so here are both the addresses. www.krisknight.com and


Anonymous said...

i simply MUST know.
because i am so inspired by your multiple wood pieces technique.

i have 4 pieces of wood, rather nicely attached. only one of them has a crack:-(
would you still use it to paint? should i use wood filler first, or just trash it and get real wood??
is cracked wood for crackheads, and therefore a waste of my time???
seems as tho the crack should not render this wood hopeless..?

7teen said...

If i have a cracked piece the best thing to do is break it off. at which point you can see if you can work with the break or glue it back together using some clamps and some bondtite glue. I like to think everything has its potential and its not a good thing to waste. If you can salvage it all the better. If you have any other questions hit up my email. you can get it thru my website www.7teen.us

good luck

matt said...

this painting reminds me so much of middle school it's scary... i think i still have that design on a shirt somewhere.