Monday, October 30, 2006

Sq. Foot - Thinkspace Gallery - November 10th

Thurs - Sun 1pm - 6pm
Other times by appointment

4210 Santa Monica Blvd.
(near Sunset Junction)
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Telephone: 323.913.3375

Show Overview:

For Square Foot, Blaine will be doing a site-specific installation in our front room, along with displaying a small selection of new works. The front room is going to be covered from floor to ceiling with old pieces of wood that Blaine has been foraging about for during the past couple of months. Varying in depth and several layers thick in places, nestled in amongst the massive wood installation will be new works from Blaine on display for the first time. For our main gallery space, Blaine has brought together a group of over 50 artists, ranging the entire spectrum of the current movement. From graffiti and fine art to illustration and design, all facets of the movement are on display. They have all created works on 12” x 12” wood panels that Blaine built and provided to them. The works in the group show will be exhibited in a random grid pattern, and all will be tied together by graphic flourishes that Blaine will be adding to the main gallery space.

Show website:


1. mathew curry -
2. sage vaughn -
3. erik otto -
4. josh clay -
5. isaac pierro -
6 jophen stein
7. randy nobikawa
8. tim mccormick -
9. freddi c -
10. kofie -
11. audrey kawasaki -
12. brendan danielson -
13. frank gonzales -
14. richard salcido -
15. lesley reppeteaux -
16. brandon herrick
17. tes one -
18. nathan ota -
19 bob dob -
20. eugenie jolivett -
21. chris silva -
22. michael sieben -
23. wilson hsu -
24. james naccarato -
25. joe shea
26. sanithna phansavanh -
27. kathie olivas -
28. kristian olson -
29. buff monster -
30. joshua petker -
31. Thomas Lee Bakofsky -
32. Sylvia Ji -
33. Oliver Vernon -
34. Ekundayo
35. Damon Soule -
36. Jeremy Fish -
37. Joshua Krause -
38. Zachary Baldus -
39. 7teen -
40. Jason Thielke -
41. Blaine Fontana -


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