Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"ECO " Nichols Gallery, Pitzer College \ Claremont CA.

Image of "Conscience of Science DroppIngs " being shown at Nichols Gallery at Pitzer College.

from the website.
At the most basic level, the Environment can be described as a collection of organic and inorganic systems functioning together to sustain life. Art is a uniquely human representation and expression of the interaction with these systems. The Eco Art Exhibition is a sampling of the many ways in which the natural environment is represented in contemporary artwork. Through a variety of mediums, the natural environment is transformed from a neutral network of external processes into works of beauty, political statement, and intellectual conception.

Artists confirmed for the Exhibition include: Jennifer Bennett, Edward Cao, Nichole Carlton, Julian Duron, Dennis Hayes, Robert P. Hernandez '06, Jeremy Johnson, Doug LaRocca, Alexandra Matus, Morgana Matus '07, Chris Musina, Michael Nikolas, Justin Odaffer, Daryll Peirce and Nelson Trombley.

Additional Information
The artwork featured in the Eco Art Exhibition is for sale as well as reproduction prints and postcards. The show runs from January 16 - February 2 with an opening reception on January 20.

About the Organizer
Morgana Matus '07 is a Senior Environmental Studies Major at Pitzer College. Through a lifelong dual interest in science and the arts, she has pursued studies in biology, sociology and art history. By attending a liberal arts college, she is able to examine the intersections between seemingly separate disciplines and create a more well-rounded and inclusive view of the natural environment.

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nice man. we've show together before at blain's square foot show. been doing birds for sometime now. hit me up!