Monday, June 11, 2007

RIP Charley Harper.

RIP Charley Harper., originally uploaded by 7teen.

A true inspiration and a large loss to the art world.


Anonymous said...

so sad...i have a lot of his work i 'inhereted' from my parents...and some posters he did from hawn mountain here in PA. Such a loss...I didn't know he passed on :(

Anonymous said...

Such a loss. I didn't even know he had passed on. I own a bunch of his pieces...well i 'inhereted' them from my parents...and he did some posters for Hawk MT. here in PA that i got my hands on last year.

So sad :(

Lauren Moyer said...

Are you selling prints of this? I love charlie harper especially being from outside of cinci the queen city. And your lovely print is gorgeous. I love both your art it's a beautiful combination.