Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from La La Land

Oddities-of-Polarity lrgweb
I am back in the D after a week out in Los Angeles for my mini solo "against the grain" at Thinkspace Gallery. I wanted to give thanks to all that made it out as it was a great turn out and tons of fun people and artists that i have admired and respected for several years. Stella Im Hultberg and Allison Sommers killed it as well as we all are holding down the gallery for the month of August. I would like to give a shout out to the TO boys ( Martin Wittfooth, Jon Todd, and Dustin Jenner) and Amanda for the company and the good times. I would also like to especailly thank Andrew and Shawn Hosner for all the support and effort that they put forth for the show and Kristian and Debbie Olson for there hospitality, company, and assistance for the duration of my stay.
Also wanted to mention Vinyl Pulse gave me a great review of the show. You can check that out here,
Here are some images of from the show and what not.

A lovely photo of Zoso and I

Trying to get some food down with Zoso and Josh Taylor creeping behind.

Martin Wittfooth, Jon Todd, and I carrying on in a deep conversation.

Solid State of False Freedoms 21in x 30in

The Many Paths to the Bend 21in x 30in
Visions of Pure Intellect lrweb
Visions of Pure Intellect 12in x 15in
Radial Spectrum of Influences 12in x 15in

Hopefully i ll find some more photos to share of the trip. I didn t have my camera because the wife took it camping with the kids so i was up the creek with out a paddle and had to count on others.


Dawn said...

excellent work, love it!

Thirteen said...

My google artist-of-the-day widget is your work today and I wanted to somehow reach across the void to tell you that your art is stirring and beautiful and that your talent is just amazing. Hopefully someday I'll be rich so I can buy one!