Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hemp Jeans

Hemp Jeans, originally uploaded by 7teen .

Almost all jeans are made of cotton today, because, at the time the cotton gin was invented, nobody had the technology to process the tough fibers of hemp into a soft fabric. Hemp grews better than cotton in poorer soil conditions, and didn't require pesticides, so the idea of using hemp was disgarded back then.
Now we have the technology to process hemp into a soft but tough material, making it the optimal fiber for jean production. There's no reason why all jeans shouldn't be made of hemp.(above paragraphs mostly plagerized from Any how Ipath is a company I tend to like to support. Not only are you supporting a company that seems to think about the enviroment, but also supporting skate culture and also artists. I think bigfoot is Like co-owner of the company or something like that.

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