Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nicholas di Genova

nick, originally uploaded by 7teen.

I have had the fortunate experience of meeting Nick last summer at his solo show at Le Gallery titled At the Waters Edge. His Stuff is really on target in playing with the idea of our current enviroments effects on future living beings and adapting to future conditions. here is a quote about nick and his work from latchkey.net
" Born and raised in small town Belleville Ontario, Nicholas di Genova moved to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design at age 19. Although he enjoys incorporating lots of different materials into his work, the theme of adaptation is consistent through all of it. The characters he creates are highly specialized creatures that have evolved over a long period of time to fit perfectly within their habitat. Land mammals with umbrellas growing out of their backs, rodents that have taken on the guise of mushrooms for camouflage, giants with rock-hard skin; this is the wildlife that he sketches, much more entertaining than elk and owls. Although these creatures are perfectly suited to survival in their particular habitats, they are still vunerable. Change the habitats that they have adapted to and they will die."

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